Pediatric X-ray Solutions.

You need the best diagnostic images possible at the lowest dose achievable, especially when the patient is a child. That’s why our integrated hardware and software solutions are tailored to the specific demands of pediatric imaging. These solutions deliver all the efficiency and quality you require, while helping you meet the recommendations of government agencies.

Pediatric X-ray Solutions
Bedside Imaging Solutions

Bedside Imaging Solutions.

Mobile radiography is one of the most common modalities used– and for good reason. Limiting movement and disruption to the patient promotes rest and healing. Reducing patient transport also reduces your costs, improves efficiency, and helps limit the spread of infectious diseases. Our integrated hardware and software solutions bring X-ray room quality imaging to the bedside.

Advanced Image Processing with AI

Eclipse with AI is the engine behind our innovative image processing software. Eclipse uses powerful, proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide automated and robust image processing that delivers superb image quality and consistent presentation. It is the foundation that enables numerous advanced image processing features. Harness the power of decades of innovation and explore the new benchmark in image-processing software.

Advanced Image Processing with AI
Family of DRX Imaging Rooms

Family of DRX Imaging Rooms

Powerful. Expandable. Versatile. Choose from the ideal balance of features and affordability with our family of imaging rooms.

When is comes to patient column, budget workflows and the exams types you technologists perform, every imaging facility is a little different. So when it comes to selecting a new X-ray room, one size will never fit all. That why our Family of DRX Imaging rooms offers such a wide array of solutions.

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